About us

Our Mission

Founded in 2012, the Vineland Blitz Junior Football League is a youth sports organization offering football and cheerleading to youth ages 5 - 14 for the following purposes:

  • To promote and develop on behalf of the youth of the City of Vineland an interest in the sport of football and cheerleading:
  • To promote, develop and encourage good sportsmanship in the youth of your City;
  • To provide a club and other facilities where our youth can develop football and cheerleading skills under proper adult supervision;
  • To provide leisure activity for our City’s youth as well as promote friendship, physical fitness and physical development;
  • To provide an opportunity for our youth to continue the relationships and growth experiences afforded through participation in the sport of football and cheerleading;
  • To provide for the individual growth and well-being of our City’s youth through participation in the sport of football or cheerleading in order that they may develop into mature, responsible citizens of our community
When it all started

"Great organization! They try to make sure ALL kids get to play, but will play the kids who can pay attention more, especially the Taxi level (nothing wrong with that) because at the end of the day the team wants to win..it's up to the parents to work with your own children off field if you want them to be better...just like with school work. No riff raff, just a peaceful organization trying to build good athletes!"

"This was our first year. The coaches were great and really cared about the kids. My son learned a lot and we are looking forward to having all our boys in the program."

"A great program....with very hands on coaches....Love BLITZ football.."

"My son truly enjoys it...and I'm meeting new people..."

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