After you apply, here are some required certifications we will guide you through:

  • Background Check : (Needs to be renewed every 3 years)
  • Rutgers Certification MUST be completed but does not expire). We will schedule a class. This is mandatory or you cannot be on the field.
    • MUST provide copy of Rutgers card to the league.
    • To replace lost cards visit:
    • Important note: If you have moved since taking your Rutgers course certification, give your previous address as well as your new address so that your card can be updated.
  • Cheer Concussion and Heat Illness Prevention Certification is required every year. For cheer coaching, please visit: Here you will find the concussion course and heat illness prevention course which the league requires.  You will need to register with the NFHS to obtain a login.  Then you will need to add the courses to your cart and proceed through the checkout process.  You will not be charged.  After checkout you will be able to look in your “active courses” tab to begin the course.  Upon completion of the courses you will receive a certification.  Please print the certifications and submit them to the league.
  • Football coaches will complete their certification through USA Football.

Please be sure to complete these requirements ASAP.  It is for the protection of you, the league, and the players.  All required documents should be uploaded to your coach profile in TeamSnap (once rostered onto a team).

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