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Blitz Special NFL Flag Rules

Special Rules

  • Extra points are returnable for 2 points
  • On 4th down of a first down try, a team may elect to go for it and take the result of the play or they may "punt" in which case the opposing team takes possession on their own 5-yard line
  • Contact and roughness penalties will be enforced
  • 20-minute running halves – 5-minute halftime
  • Unlimited rushers from 7 yards
  • Ball must pass through legs on snap
  • Dropped snap can be picked up as long as it's safe. If defender is close and collision is imminent, it's a dead play.
  • 30 second play-clock will be enforced.
  • All levels are 5v5 unless a team doesn't have at least 5 players. Then the game will be 4v4. Taxi, PW, and JV games can be played 6v6 if both teams have enough players and both coaches agree.
  • Unsportsmanlike penalties will be enforced. (showboating, pointing, trash-talking, etc.)
  • Flags and Belts must be cut/taped to proper length. Any player with possession of the ball and uncompliant flags/belts, will result in dead play, ball returning to line of scrimmage, and loss of down.

Taxi Only Special Rules:

  • There are no “no-run zones”. Teams can use pass or run plays.
  • There is no pass rush on the QB. Defensive players can only cross the line of scrimmage to rush once a handoff has occurred.
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